Inspire Paradise Courses

Are you tired of the same old exercise that is repetitive and ho hum? Would you like to feel uplifted, more feminine, and exercise more than just your body while having FUN?  Do you LOVE the islands, the ocean, and everything tropical? Do you feel happy when you hear Hawaiian music?? 

 Welcome to Inspire Paradise!! Our Hula courses are transformative & fun and we aim to Inspire Island Bliss into Your Life! 

The Hula Basics and Pearly Shells Package was designed for those who have never danced Hula Auana before and who desire to learn!  Hula is a low impact way to exercise and brings joy and grace to your life!  You won't even feel like it is exercise, it's so fun! 

The next course is at Intermediate Level, Little Brown Gal. It is one that encourages you to add some sass to your dance! 

And Lei Ho'oheno is a tiny bit more challenging, in that the words are ONLY in Hawaiian. You will feel such peace in your heart when dancing to this song. Weldon Kekauoha sings this song like no other..  

So come dance with us... and Inspire Paradise in your Heart!! 



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