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What inspired the Inspire Paradise Birdies for Ukraine Postcard Campaign??

I thought I would post this as my first Blog Post for my new website since all of this is happening so fast and all at once!

Like everyone else, I was feeling pretty depressed and

helpless about the attacks on the Ukraine. My being empathic

also made it even more overwhelming.

As the days went on, I knew I wanted to be of service...

and somehow these Birds flew into my life!

During the pandemic, my artistic soul had been YEARNING to find my style, my passion within art. I already had an absolute LOVE for photography, for birds, flowers, nature and for everything tropical. AND I wanted my art to uplift the soul.

I had digitally collaged a birthday card for my daughter at the beginning of February. She loved it, and encouraged me to keep working in that style.

2 weeks later, I was given explicit instructions on how to create these postcards by my spirit guide ( that is a whole other story!!)... so since I had the recipe for exactly how to do this, I figured, "I better listen to this very strong message!!

Let's do it!"

I spent all of March 2022 pouring my energy into making this real. I am NOT a computer person, but there I was, day and night, designing, refining, and voila!

I feel I was put on the planet to inspire people to know themselves deeply,

and to Inspire Paradise within!

To share that we little humans are WAYYYY more powerful

than we ever believed!

We can use that power to create beauty and

inner peace on Earth!

If you have some time and are curious to know the story

behind each of these cards, read on!

1. You Hold the Key to Everything!

At first it was called " Free Yourself! You've always had the key!"

We humans put ourselves in all kinds of prisons by the decisions we make or don't choose to make!

Then life is miserable. And can send us right into depression!

BUT HEY!! This card is the reminder that WE HAVE THE KEY!!!

We just need to look deeply at what is making us so unhappy

and be really honest with ourselves.

And take the steps to get free.

The only one responsible for your happiness, is YOU!

With that knowing you can take back your power!

Your happiness is one thought away!

Choose the one that makes you FEEL GOOD!

2. Sing Your Happy Song!

My daughter had a glass" Bluebird of Happiness"

when she was a little girl.

I love that this chubby little bluebird made her happy, so I created the card

with this in mind.

As I designed this card into the wee hours,

a mockingird was beckoning a mate~

With his Happy Song! Thank You, Mockingbird!

3. Keep Your Eyes On the Beauty Ahead.

I came across a beautiful vintage painting of an owl looking through some tulips.

I love the velvety depth of that purple sky with the bright orange,

and yellow parrot tulips...

I love that owls fly in silence.

They are laser focused. The message

" Keep Your Eyes On the Beauty Ahead"

is about staying focused on the goodness ahead,

because focusing on

the negative will weigh your wings down!!

After all we have been through, the load of all the negative we are fed

24/7 by the news, in social media and even in our conversations

with each other, weighs us down. More than ever before.

Our spirits feel crushed by the weight of it all!

Staying focused on the Beauty and the gifts that nature gives us

will assist us in feeling lighter, and

give us hope.

4. Be Still. Let Magic Find You.

This is one of the peacocks that we are blessed to co exist with!

We call him KnuckleButt!

(don't ask me why! I didn't name him!! haha!) Anyhow, he looked so peaceful, I had to pair him with this beautiful white lotus.

The message effortlessly revealed itself.

5. Paradise is Wherever You Are!

This Lovely Blue Ringed Parrot just oozes paradise!

This card's message is you can close your eyes,

and be anywhere you WANT to be!

Imagination is KING!

Did you know that you can imagine something really scary

and your heart will race and your nerves get all ready to run as IF

it were really happening? This is actually a scientific FACT! So ya better imagine something that brings you to a place of feeling those GOOD VIBRATIONS!

Who needs the drama anyhow? Who needs the stress???!

We are such amazing and powerful beings!

You know that old saying:

" As within, so without"

6. Gratitude Inspires Peace

WHITE Peacocks are so purely magical!

Lotus and White Peacock, symbols of peace and grace.

For most of my adult life,

I have studied and reflected on the knowledge of the mystics.

They ALWAYS talk about the POWER of GRATITUDE!

They suggest spending a few minutes reflecting on at least 5 things

you were thankful for EACH day.

Just that small daily action could CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Try it! You'll Like It!!

7. Dance In The Moonlight Whenever You Can!

It was 11 pm. I had just finished designing a card, wondering what was next. The song "Dancing in the Moonlight" by King Harvest came on,

and bing! A lightbulb moment!

It is one of my daughter's favorite songs, too!

A classic!

Such a good feeling song, for a couple of egrets to dance to

on a gaggle of pink flowers! When was the last time

YOU danced in the Moonlight?

It's SPRING~ time to get out there and DANCE!!!

8. Sweet Nectar Awaits a Kiss

To lay down in a field of cosmos,

looking up at white poofy clouds drifting in a luscious blue sky...


There is Sweet Nectar in

Every Smile,

In Every Kind Word,


The Hummingbird kisses each blossom, spreading flower fairy dust and sweetness with each kiss!

9. Peace Love and Birdy Kisses

The vibrancy of Pinks and Oranges speak to me in this card.

I love that the phalaenopsis orchid petals are like Angel Wings for the LoveBird!

Did you ever see the movie " The Party" with Peter Sellers? 1968...

"Birdy Num Nums" ...

Peace Love and Birdy Kisses was inspired by that! Have fun watching that crazy movie!

10. Inspire Paradise

I gathered all my most favorite and vibrant colors for this card,

as well as my love for Budgies and exotic Hibiscus!

There are some AMAZING hybrids hibiscus out there right now...

They are out of this world!

I hope the stories of these cards inspire you!

Inspire Paradise Birdies for Ukraine Postcard Campaign

serves many!

*Half of the proceeds will be donated to Direct Relief for medical supplies for those who need them most in the Ukraine.

*They bring joy & inspiration to those who see/ receive these cards.

*Color therapy! To soothe the senses!

*The satisfaction of knowing you have helped someone, is your gift to yourself.

It has been said that charitable giving improves self esteem, increases the donor's sense of connection to the world,

helps donors be more happy

and healthy!


Please click the button below to find out how to contribute!

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