From a very early age, I have always LOVED all things Tropical. Since I was raised in the middle of Los Angeles, Gilligan’s Island and the Tiki Room at Disneyland were my go~to escapes as a child!!  

  Islands intrigued me. Flowers and bright colors spoke to my heart… Hawaii beckoned though I had never been… at least not until I was 12. And when I got there, I was completely spellbound with everything Hawaii!! I would save up my money to go there every summer just to feel that magic!

Then, about 23+ years ago, I started dancing Hula, and brought the magic of Hawaii home to me. I didn’t have to get on a plane to “FEEL IT"… I could become the rain, the stars, the flowers, the rainbow, the sea. I could feel the LOVE and Aloha that is Hawaii, by moving my body in such graceful and meaningful ways. I could wear flowers in my hair and around my neck and inhale the luscious scent of Aloha!! I could enjoy Beautiful Hawaiian music, and let it pour through me... I could bring JOY to people when I danced Hula! That meant and means EVERYTHING to me! So TOTALLY thrilling and fulfilling every time!!! 

 Inspire Paradise was born from my deepest desire to share these feelings with those who have felt the longing and tucked it away. This Bliss I feel is something I know every one who has ever felt the call of their Island Soul can experience when dancing Hula.

Inspire Paradise Online Hula courses are NOT for: 

a. Those wanting to learn ancient style Hula ( kahiko)... you need to learn this from a Kumu in a Halau.

b. Those who want a hardcore workout and a lot of jumping around.

c. Those who want to learn how to Hula HOOP. This is NOT a hula hooping course.  


 Inspire Paradise Online Hula courses ARE for YOU if:

a.  You are too shy, or feel too embarrassed to try to learn to dance in front of others

b.  You have no time to commit to a dance class and want the convenience of learning on your own schedule( even if it is in the middle of the night!) 

c. You don’t have a Hula school nearby and really want to learn Hula.

d. You have gone to Hawaii and learned to dance your very first dance and are ready to dive in and learn MORE about this BEAUTIFUL form of dance! 

e. You are in need of a relaxing and enjoyable feminine form of exercise, that works your mind, body and spirit! All while having FUN! 

f. You Appreciate Hawaii, Nature, Music, and sharing JOY! 

g. You want to infuse more meaning into your life while getting a gentle yet excellent form of exercise that is good for your Heart! 

  I teach Hula Auana, which is modern style Hula danced to music…Auana is very fluid and soft. It is different from Kahiko, which is ancient, and is danced to chants and drumming. I love Kahiko, yet I do not teach it. Again, you must learn this from a Kumu Hula. 

  I encourage brides, who dream of dancing Hula at their wedding as a sweet gift to their Grooms, to YES do this! You CAN do this!! And I can show you how!!! I can personally choreograph any song you choose to dance! Or you can use one of the dances I have previously choreographed!!  

      Inspire Paradise extends beyond Hula, too. It is the Paradise you feel when you listen to your body and take excellent care of it.. It is there in you when you make a choice to have ho’o ponopono ( to make right and balance) in your relationships.  Paradise CAN be how you choose to feel on a daily basis…It can be a LIFESTYLE with what you create for yourself on all levels… be it a tropical floral arrangement, adorning yourself in Tropical attire or with beautiful jewels of the sea. It can be so many things…

It is MY MISSION to assist you to Inspire Paradise in your life!!

In a myriad of FUN WAYS!!!!


   Also, Inspire Paradise is all about contributing to the Beauty of Life and paying it forward.. so a percentage of the proceeds from the purchases will be donated to groups that help perpetuate music, art and dance in children’s lives!!  Life is much JUICIER with music, art and dance! Don't you agree??

     It's a SUPER WIN WIN WIN!!! 

     So let the INSPIRING BEGIN!!!  

I am SO excited to Inspire Paradise with You!!

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                              Bring Paradise Home to you!!  Aloha Nui Loa! 



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