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Beginning Hula Dance Course 2: Pearly Shells

Pearly Shells is the BEST song to learn your first Hula!! 

It is simple and sweet... and the music will put you in a wonderful relaxed mood!! 

* There is a PDF of the written instructions for you to download and have nearby. In case you need the written interpretation of the dance.

* Also, download the song to your computer so you can dance it whenever you feel the mood to dance it without watching the video lessons!

*You can watch the videos over and over and over... so don't hesitate to! Repeatly practicing to the videos will help you learn this dance quickly!! 

*Enjoy!!!! *: )

Sweet song that is EASY to LEARN!!

Pearly Shells is so easy to learn and so fun! Didn't know I could learn this quickly!! What a joy!! Lorelei L.