Inspire Paradise Complete Hula Bundle

Are you ready to bring the Joy of Hula into your world? Here are the Basics, and 3 Fun and Inspiring Hula Dances for you to learn! 

YES! I want The Hula Bundle!

The Basics of Hula Course

 * 12 simple yet detailed videos which will teach you each of the Basics steps which are the foundation for learning to dance Hula! 
* A Beautiful PDF Mini Book is included to help remind you with words, how to do each step. 

Pearly Shells: Your First Dance!

A Wonderful First Dance to learn Hula!!  You will learn how everything works together!!  A great low impact exercise, and a way to Inspire Paradise into your life! 
* 7 Beautiful step by step instruction videos for each verse of the song
* Written instructions PDF to download
* Downloadable song created by us in the studio, JUST FOR YOU!!

           Little Brown Gal

Is a sassy classic! After you learn this dance, you can add your own brand of sass! Definitely a playful dance to make you smile and laugh!! 
* Over 11 Beautiful and Fun Videos to learn from!  Filmed in the studio using a mirror so you can see from the front and the back                       
  * Downloadable PDF Written Instructions
* Downloadable Song for you to dance to without videos! 

             Lei Ho'oheno

Is poetry in motion. It is sung only in Hawaiian...the message is conveyed through your movements, your eyes, and the joyous feeling this song evokes . Weldon Kekauoha melts you and your audience with his warm voice!  PURE PARADISE!!!! 
* In depth training of How to Dance Hula Auana to this Gorgeous Song 
 *Over 11 Beautiful and Fun Videos to learn from! Filmed in a Beautiful location with a view of the Channel Islands
     *Downloadable PDF Written Instructions
     * Link to Purchase the Song: Lei Ho'oheno from Weldon himself via cd baby! 

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