The Mainland Fire Goddess Has Arrived....


Photo Credit: Ron MacLeod

She arrived in all her fiery glory 17 days ago. She first RAGED hand in hand with her brother, the WIND, Kamakani. Starting in Ojai, then blazing down the hill to Santa Paula and Ventura. Kamakani has calmed down a bit, while the Fire Goddess continues her destructive path west without him.

My friend Rhonda shared with me that 2017 is~ The Year of The Fire Phoenix... Aka the Rooster... 

Phoenix is brilliant, inspirational, and a fearless visionary rising up from the ashes. 

 Fire brings strength, passion and bravery. 

The Fire Phoenix year is a time for healing, rebirth and transformation. 

Whether she directly touches our lives with her flame, or whether she touches us indirectly, her mission is to transform. 

She is working hard to transform us here in Santa Barbara...She's brutally assaulting our paradise here, polluting our beautiful clean air with remnants of homes and scrub...

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