What am I doing to support my immune system???

What in the world is happening?? 

What a crazy rollercoaster ride we are on! Scary, unlike anything I have ever experienced in my lifetime! And I have been on this planet now for almost 6 decades!  YIKES! 

Well, the MOST important thing right now, is to take utmost care of ourselves. That means HEALTH!  

We must stay healthy on all levels to survive this~ and we are most certainly being pushed to look within for our answers as to what can/will work for each of us since we are all sooo different! 

Here is what I am doing to help my immune system function at its best... 

First my Super Go To: 

 * Organic Apple Cider Vinegar from the Mother~ It doesn't matter which brand you choose... I either use Braggs, or Trader Joe's...  just make sure it is unfiltered!

First thing EVERY MORNING, I drink, either hot or room temperature, 12-16 oz of water, with a splash (1-3 tsp) of Apple Cider Vinegar ( ACV for short). It is my...

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