Paradise Magic!


I recently came across this AMAZING photo I took on a trip about 10 years ago

(  NO WAY!! 10 YEARS AGO???? )!  Makes me realize I am long overdue for a trip back!!

This was a special trip for my daughter and me.. We had such an incredible time!!  I mean, 

how could we NOT??   We actually CRIED at the airport as we were heading back to the

mainland... Yes, it's true! We DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE!!!! 


    The trippy part is... THIS PHOTO!!  I used my Canon DIGITAL camera at

the time. I did enhance the colors just a bit... and that is IT!! The rest is all Kauai MAGIC!!

Can you see what I am talking about here? Can you point out about 4 or 5 unusual aspects

that are pretty mind boggling? Can you imagine MY SURPRISE when I looked closely at this??? 

Put your answers in the comments below!!! I want to see if you see what I see ( or if you



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