Making Love Barefoot Can be Good for Your Health!


A couple months back, while dancing Hula on the grass barefoot, I was bitten (STUNG??) between my 3rd and 4th toes on my left foot. I have NO idea WHAT got me, but it sent this weird pain shooting through my foot. So weird, I can’t even describe it. Like nothing I'd ever felt before. And, of course, it swelled up. While I waited for it to heal, (about 2 weeks), I was feeling pretty vulnerable and not wanting to dance barefoot at all!!!  

  I continued to dance outside, yet wore my flip flops … I felt like a weirdo wearing sandals while dancing Hula. It just didn't feel RIGHT!  I was totally self-conscious about it!! But my poor little foot was still reeling from that bite, so I kept my sandals on.

   I finally went barefoot to...

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