Making Love Barefoot Can be Good for Your Health!


A couple months back, while dancing Hula on the grass barefoot, I was bitten (STUNG??) between my 3rd and 4th toes on my left foot. I have NO idea WHAT got me, but it sent this weird pain shooting through my foot. So weird, I can’t even describe it. Like nothing I'd ever felt before. And, of course, it swelled up. While I waited for it to heal, (about 2 weeks), I was feeling pretty vulnerable and not wanting to dance barefoot at all!!!  

  I continued to dance outside, yet wore my flip flops … I felt like a weirdo wearing sandals while dancing Hula. It just didn't feel RIGHT!  I was totally self-conscious about it!! But my poor little foot was still reeling from that bite, so I kept my sandals on.

   I finally went barefoot to dance and was feeling rather ambivalent about this for 2 reasons:

 A)  I have this THING about CLEAN FEET!

Growing up, it was ingrained in me, that to have one's feet CLEAN was essential hygiene, especially in the home... ESPECIALLY in bed!! Just the thought of dirty feet in the bed grosses me out!! Ewwwww!!

When I dance barefoot outside, my feet can get pretty dang dirty.  Like “They need to be scrubbed clean" dirty and not just rinsed off!! It does take some time to get those puppies clean after Hula, and sometimes I just want to come home and not deal with it!!

So, it was CONVENIENT to wear sandals to dance...


 B)  It just feels UNNATURAL to dance Hula with anything on my feet!!!   

  I went back and forth between these 2 reasons in my head as I danced barefoot for the first time in a while.

About 15 minutes into it, a familiar sensation subtly crept into my being… It was as if I took a magic pill and was coming onto it!!

   I have danced Hula for 20 years, SANS shoes.…  I took for granted this feeling of deep bliss! Yet, after having to wear something on my feet to dance, I actually NOTICED the difference!! 

  One of my Hula sisters has told me countless times, that whenever she waitressed on Saturday evenings, after dancing Hula in the morning with us ( without shoes on a lawn chewed up by gophers!!)  she consistently got better tips than the other days of the week!!  She was SURE it was because of the Hula High she was vibrating on all day!

  And yesterday, after a great Hula session ( again, no shoes!), I saw a friend who told me my hair looked all pretty and glowing (I was actually sweaty; my hair badly needing a wash!!! Haha!)… but the GLOW of Hula and the connection to the Earth was what he was REALLY seeing!!  I was all charged up and beaming from the inside out!!

Don’t get me wrong: Hula CAN be blissful with shoes on, too, yet, going barefoot on the Earth seems to take you to yet another dimension!!  

I know, I know.. that sounds strange!!! 

 Had I not experienced both, I probably would not have had the slightest motivation to write about it!!  Yet, having this comparison, I feel compelled share it…

   In researching the benefits of going barefoot, I found that we humans are ELECTRICALbeings. Our bodies store up a positive electrical charge if we do not connect to the Earth. You've experienced this positive charge, in the wintertime, as a shock when you touch something...  

Our Beautiful Earth has a negative electrical charge to her and can create a stable internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of all body systems. What does this even mean???


 Well, when we walk barefoot on her, we combine our energy to hers thus neutralizing this positive energy with her negative energy… and creating equilibrium… or BALANCE within!!! This is why we feel so good when we walk barefoot on the beach!! We are literally neutralizing the built up charge in our bodies with Mother Earth!!

Thus we feel better physically, which in turn contributes to our well being and feeling blissful and happy!

 If you are in a bad mood, or spun out or overwhelmed on reality, it does help to simply go outside, take off your shoes and go for a walk, or even just rest your feet on the grass, or on a patch of dirt if that is all that is available. Breathe Deep!!!

 Or dance HULA!!!  Yes!!   

   This connection of your barefeet to Earth is called Grounding.. Or Earthing!!

 Our society has lost it’s basic connection to the Earth by wearing shoes outside, all the time;  driving in cars and sitting inside (in front of computers /TV’s, under unnatural lighting) most of the day. Also, only having concrete and unnatural surfaces to walk upon doesn't help! 

  It’s confusing, because the word 'positive' in this case does not suggest a positive outcome if you hold this charge in your body without release for a long time!! When our bodies build up too much of this positive charge, we can become ill, since the excess positive charge can cause inflammation and pain! Not to mention, the mental angst that comes with feeling physically bad!!

Here are just a few of the health conditions that can benefit from Earthing:

1.  Sleep disturbances

2.  Hypertension

3.  Immune system activity and response

4.   PMS

5.  Heart Rate Variability

6.  Energy levels

7.  Asthmatic /respiratory conditions

8.  Rheumatoid arthritis

  The Ancient Polynesians, of course, were so in tune with the Earth! Their lives revolved around being in contact with her directly in a myriad of ways! They slept on the Earth, harvested their food, swam in her oceans... You get the picture!   And having such a GORGEOUS place to live with the average temperature at around 80 degrees, who WOULDN’T want to walk around barefoot?  

They loved the Earth and had deep reverence for her! For she provided sustenance, that not only nourished them physically with food and water, but spiritually, her BEAUTY enraptured them. The pure JOY of that, tied their hearts to her... 

How could anyone NOT feel sensual, healthy and full of love and Aloha when they are in this PARADISE???

  Their connection to her nurtured their love affair with their surroundings, where they naturally expressed their passion with beautiful poetic chants, songs and dances about nature…They understood this circle of giving and receiving... The Earth was their life. The connection to her was SACRED...

 They KNEW it was all intertwined ~ Life, Nature, Making Love...

There was no separation! It was a natural, synergistic existence with the Earth...

 Simply Divine Paradise!! 

 When you think about it, this dance of our energy with the Earth’s, while grounding, IS like making Love! The energies combine, leaving us with a BIG SMILE and feeling refreshed and recharged!!! 

It’s no wonder so many women, and men, too, sigh after hearing a lovely Hawaiian song.

It's no wonder that chants can create a feeling that comes up from the Earth through the feet to our hearts...

It’s no wonder that people’s hearts feel full and expanded after watching someone dance Hula!!!

 Once, a brave gentleman came up after a show to tell me that watching us dance Hula brought him to tears!  He was so moved!!  I say "Brave" because not that many men talk about crying to strangers...especially crying while watching HULA!!!

I was so grateful that he told us... As a Hula Dancer, it is an honor to be acknowledged in that way!! Knowing that what we do is perceived in its most purest form: With Love and Aloha

The Hula Dancer brings Earth’s energy and power up through her feet and expresses that Love through her eyes, her hands, her body~

 My heart feels BIG just writing about this!!  This LOVE and Joy of Life is why Hula/Hawaii/ Polynesia is SO attractive to SO many.  It’s why people flock to the islands year after year to experience this magic!


It speaks to the Heart… and the LOVE coming from our Mother Earth… She BECKONS you with her BEAUTY>  The Polynesians understood/UNDERSTAND this… It’s so subtle and so perfect!  

  Hula is not just about entertainment and coconut bras and mai tais!!! There is some DEEP stuff going on there!! The stories being told of the AINA (land), the ocean, the wind, the flowers, and rain through the music and dance remind us of our innocence, of a simpler time when we as a civilization, were directly in touch with Mother Earth. The knowing being tucked deep into our cellular memory.  

 She is supporting and giving Humans her Aloha in such a Beautiful way!! We must give back, too!!!

 So no matter WHERE YOU ARE and whether or not you want to dance Hula, step away from your computer ….

Kick off those dang shoes and get in the dirt/grass/sand for 20 minutes as often as possible!

Get your FEET DIRTY, even just a bit!! ( you can dust them off )!!!

 Let Mother Earth Enchant your Electricity!

 Let her balance the Yang that has built up in your body!!

 Let her make Love to you! And put a Smile :) on your beautiful face!! 

 Let this feeling wash over your senses…and in return, show her your appreciation by honoring her and her inhabitants... Beam your gratitude from your EYES and HEART!!! 

  I am so curious to know if this has been your experience, too...?? Have you walked on the Earth barefoot, and felt soooooooooo awesome afterwards?? Let me know in the comments below!!!  Mahalo!!! 


                                                            Aloha Oe!!! <3











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