It's Allergy Season~ So NOT PARADISE!!!



The dreaded allergy season!!!

I have suffered all my life with allergies~ hay fever.

I am NOT a fan of hot dry winds.. ( instant grouchiness)

 It wasn’t until the last maybe 5-10 years that I started suffering from unbearable sinus headaches.

The kind that makes you feel like something is stabbing you in the eye.

My right eye, to be exact.

 Also where you feel like your sinus cavities are bubbling and MOVING in your freaking head/face…


 Over the years I have had to stop eating

Gluten: Wheat



If you can still eat these, do not take this for granted!


But to keep myself feeling my best, I avoid them!

 Yet, the sinus headaches are so painful.

And since I don’t really take drugs for pain,

( meaning, I have tried aspirin, and advil, but prefer to stay away from drugs)

I have to find other ways of relief.

I read that some of those anti histamines mess up the liver if you take them often.. so no thank you.

 I thought I pretty much had the hayfever licked after I stopped eating gluten, and dairy.

But there are different things now that get to me.. and since we live away from the city, I am exposed to different weeds, pollen, and dust and dirt.

Oh joy!

Anyhow, last week I had a bout of hayfever~ the wind came up and I was miserable.

I had to keep the doors and windows shut and lie down.

After my last round of hayfever, I bought some quercetin.

I took one quercetin( 500mg) with a turmeric ( also 500mg).

At first it cleared my nostrils!! So well that it felt strange!!!

I had this strange clarity ~it was almost as if I could SEE BETTER!

The inflammation was definitely DOWN!

I was sooo happy!

The next day I tried it again, and didn’t have the same effect! Dang!

 So, a few hours later, I took another quercetin and turmeric.

It seemed to help, though it seemed more subtle than that first time.

 *Later I read an article that said not to exceed 1000 mg of quercetin a day since it

could cause kidney issues. So I had reached the limit for that day!

Even supplements can cause issues so use wisely!! 

 Then, when I was just feeling horrible with a sinus headache the following week,

on my kitchen counter was a bottle of goldenseal.

I don’t remember buying it, but I may have gotten it to help with pink eye or sty that my

Sweetheart had about a month ago..

(everything is a blur since the pandemic began!)

 Something inside, told me to take the goldenseal!

So I took goldenseal, quercetin and turmeric~ I felt better! ( About 500 mg each)

It was a gentle better. Not like that feeling you get when you take an antihistimine~

no spaceyness…

Just better!

 When I later looked at the goldenseal bottle it said on the label : “FOR SUPPORT OF


  OK! Awesome!! 

I try not to take these 3 everyday... I wait for those days when hayfever takes me down, and then I attack it with my arsenal!! 

 The brands in my photo here are just what I take now. There are sooo many other

brands to try in case these are not available…


Ask your doctor if these supplements could work with YOUR body or let your doctor know when you are supplementing!.


I hope sharing my stories helps you to get through this and EVERY allergy season.

 As I always say:

 Feeling Healthy is PARADISE!!! Hope to have INSPIRED PARADISE FOR YOU!!!

 Much Aloha!!



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