What am I doing to support my immune system???

What in the world is happening?? 

What a crazy rollercoaster ride we are on! Scary, unlike anything I have ever experienced in my lifetime! And I have been on this planet now for almost 6 decades!  YIKES! 

Well, the MOST important thing right now, is to take utmost care of ourselves. That means HEALTH!  

We must stay healthy on all levels to survive this~ and we are most certainly being pushed to look within for our answers as to what can/will work for each of us since we are all sooo different! 

Here is what I am doing to help my immune system function at its best... 

First my Super Go To: 

 * Organic Apple Cider Vinegar from the Mother~ It doesn't matter which brand you choose... I either use Braggs, or Trader Joe's...  just make sure it is unfiltered!

First thing EVERY MORNING, I drink, either hot or room temperature, 12-16 oz of water, with a splash (1-3 tsp) of Apple Cider Vinegar ( ACV for short). It is my ritual.  Let me explain why:

  For years I drank it every morning. My Sweetheart would go out on tour and every time he returned, he would be sick. EVERY FREAKIN' DANG TIME!  I NEVER got sick with anything he caught!!  

For some ( dumb, haha!) reason, I took about a month off of drinking it in the morning, and I got VERY VERY SICK. Not going to do that again! I learned my lesson! 

So with what our planet is going thru with this coronavirus, I have upped my arsenal of vitamins and supplements to get me through..

*I heard, read AND experienced that Vit C is soooo beneficial for the immune system ~ 6000-8000 mg a day!!  Whoa that is a lot!  I do about 3000-4000 a day, yet if I am feeling the least bit sore throaty or anything weird, I make sure I take more and max out at 8000.  

It's convenient to get the capsules or tablets that are 1000mg.

If you only have the little packets of Vit C powder, do those. Though if you can get straight Vit C crystals, that is ideal. 

I prefer those that don't have any sweetener in it since they don't mix well with me. 

A friend called and said she had coronavirus and she had a fever of 102 that day, and had been suffering from fever for the last 9 days!! OHHH NOOO!!!!

I asked her what vitamins she was taking and she named off SOOOO many different kinds! And she still caught it!  She had also been sleep deprived, stressed, and had gone to LAX (!), so she was exposed in a MAJOR WAY!!!   

Anyhow, I asked her how much Vit C she was taking and she said,"  About 750 mg."  I told her to go take 2000 mg IMMEDIATELY!! And spread the other 4000-6000 throughout the day. She reported back to me a couple days later that after she took the initial 2000mg of Vit C, her fever went down to 99.4 or 99.1!! YAY!!!!

Day by day, she returned to her highly energetic self!

She joyfully cleaned her house, and was soooo happy taking pictures of the wild animals in her yard!  She was extremely thankful to feel better, and didn't REALIZE how bad she felt until she was feeling GOOD again!  Wow! 

I also read an article about a Seattle emergency room doc whose patients were dying from the virus. He ended up catching it.

The doctors gave him the anti malarial drug. He got worse and was close to death... 

Next they tried a drug that is supposed to help the immune system not attack itself. " They added high-dose vitamin C after seeing reports that it might be beneficial. "    He SURVIVED after taking all of that!  

Here is the link: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/13/us/coronavirus-doctor-kirkland-padgett.html

So I am a believer in the benefits of Vitamin C for the immune system! 

*I also added Ginger and lemon to my apple cider vinegar drink in the morning. They take away the strong taste of the apple cider vinegar....

Some other supplements I believe are helping:

* ZINC!!

*Elderberry~ Other friends swear by this and I like them, too. 

*Vit B Complex! My chiropractor SWEARS by these and I have been so rebellious about taking them over the years ( I don't know why!! ). I am taking them almost daily now. And I do feel stronger. He always told me that if he got stranded on a deserted island, and they only gave him a choice of a multivitamin or this Vit B Complex, he would choose the Vit B Complex!! 

*Magnesium Glycinate 300 mg a day for women. I love this stuff. I started taking it more regularly about 9 years ago...   I was walking out from the Farmer's Market carrying my veggies, and I felt sooo weak, like I had no energy to carry my usual load to the car.  I started to freak. But got quiet and asked myself what was wrong. And I heard that trusty voice in my head ~ thankfully it was loud and clear: " Calcium magnesium!!!"  I had some in the fridge that had expired. I took it  anyways... It was like someone had turned on the switch for my energy! YAY! I take 150mg early in the day and one at night to help me sleep... 

 I do take others supplements, but these are my supervits... :)

Please note: I am no doctor. All of these supplements are what I do for myself.  DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and check in with your doctor to make sure remedies you are interested in are suitable for YOUR body!! 

  How about you? What are you taking now to help supplement your immune system?? 


It is EVERYTHING to me!!   As they say:


My hope is to INSPIRE this kind of PARADISE  for you! 





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