It's Allergy Season~ So NOT PARADISE!!!



The dreaded allergy season!!!

I have suffered all my life with allergies~ hay fever.

I am NOT a fan of hot dry winds.. ( instant grouchiness)

 It wasn’t until the last maybe 5-10 years that I started suffering from unbearable sinus headaches.

The kind that makes you feel like something is stabbing you in the eye.

My right eye, to be exact.

 Also where you feel like your sinus cavities are bubbling and MOVING in your freaking head/face…


 Over the years I have had to stop eating

Gluten: Wheat



If you can still eat these, do not take this for granted!


But to keep myself feeling my best, I avoid them!

 Yet, the sinus headaches are so painful.

And since I don’t really take drugs for pain,

( meaning, I have tried aspirin, and advil, but prefer to stay away from drugs)

I have to find other ways of relief.

I read that some of those anti...

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What am I doing to support my immune system???

What in the world is happening?? 

What a crazy rollercoaster ride we are on! Scary, unlike anything I have ever experienced in my lifetime! And I have been on this planet now for almost 6 decades!  YIKES! 

Well, the MOST important thing right now, is to take utmost care of ourselves. That means HEALTH!  

We must stay healthy on all levels to survive this~ and we are most certainly being pushed to look within for our answers as to what can/will work for each of us since we are all sooo different! 

Here is what I am doing to help my immune system function at its best... 

First my Super Go To: 

 * Organic Apple Cider Vinegar from the Mother~ It doesn't matter which brand you choose... I either use Braggs, or Trader Joe's...  just make sure it is unfiltered!

First thing EVERY MORNING, I drink, either hot or room temperature, 12-16 oz of water, with a splash (1-3 tsp) of Apple Cider Vinegar ( ACV for short). It is my...

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Hula is GREAT for your health!!

Well, it's  AWESOME news that Hula can help to lower blood pressure!! So Exciting! 

The initial results of a new study – which were presented at the American Heart Association's Hypertension 2019 Scientific Sessions show that the more than 250 Native Hawaiian participants (who were average age of 58, 80% female) who, although they were under medical treatment, still had high blood pressure as well as Type 2 Diabetes. 

The participants attended one hour, twice weekly classes for 3 months, followed by one monthly lesson for the next 3 months with self directed practice as well as group activities  to encourage hypertension education and healthy behaviors.

 The researchers found that at six months those who did hula were more likely to have lowered their blood pressure to under 130/80, the current target for blood pressure treatment for patients without diabetes, and to have lowered their systolic (top number) blood pressure by an...

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The Mainland Fire Goddess Has Arrived....


Photo Credit: Ron MacLeod

She arrived in all her fiery glory 17 days ago. She first RAGED hand in hand with her brother, the WIND, Kamakani. Starting in Ojai, then blazing down the hill to Santa Paula and Ventura. Kamakani has calmed down a bit, while the Fire Goddess continues her destructive path west without him.

My friend Rhonda shared with me that 2017 is~ The Year of The Fire Phoenix... Aka the Rooster... 

Phoenix is brilliant, inspirational, and a fearless visionary rising up from the ashes. 

 Fire brings strength, passion and bravery. 

The Fire Phoenix year is a time for healing, rebirth and transformation. 

Whether she directly touches our lives with her flame, or whether she touches us indirectly, her mission is to transform. 

She is working hard to transform us here in Santa Barbara...She's brutally assaulting our paradise here, polluting our beautiful clean air with remnants of homes and scrub...

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Paradise Magic!


I recently came across this AMAZING photo I took on a trip about 10 years ago

(  NO WAY!! 10 YEARS AGO???? )!  Makes me realize I am long overdue for a trip back!!

This was a special trip for my daughter and me.. We had such an incredible time!!  I mean, 

how could we NOT??   We actually CRIED at the airport as we were heading back to the

mainland... Yes, it's true! We DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE!!!! 


    The trippy part is... THIS PHOTO!!  I used my Canon DIGITAL camera at

the time. I did enhance the colors just a bit... and that is IT!! The rest is all Kauai MAGIC!!

Can you see what I am talking about here? Can you point out about 4 or 5 unusual aspects

that are pretty mind boggling? Can you imagine MY SURPRISE when I looked closely at this??? 

Put your answers in the comments below!!! I want to see if you see what I see ( or if you



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Making Love Barefoot Can be Good for Your Health!


A couple months back, while dancing Hula on the grass barefoot, I was bitten (STUNG??) between my 3rd and 4th toes on my left foot. I have NO idea WHAT got me, but it sent this weird pain shooting through my foot. So weird, I can’t even describe it. Like nothing I'd ever felt before. And, of course, it swelled up. While I waited for it to heal, (about 2 weeks), I was feeling pretty vulnerable and not wanting to dance barefoot at all!!!  

  I continued to dance outside, yet wore my flip flops … I felt like a weirdo wearing sandals while dancing Hula. It just didn't feel RIGHT!  I was totally self-conscious about it!! But my poor little foot was still reeling from that bite, so I kept my sandals on.

   I finally went barefoot to...

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Welcome to Inspire Paradise!!

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2016

      I have been PREGNANT with this WEBSITE for the past 7 years and can't wait to BIRTH it!! I am SOOO EXCITED to share my world with you!! I truly hope it INSPIRES you!!! 

  Usually upon waking, I have all these GREAT ideas waiting in line for my attention.. One morning, Inspire Paradise came to me. It was My Big AHA moment!!   This site combines all of my passions... and I love how perfectly the name fits!!

       Inspire:  Verb 1. To fill (someone) with the urge or the ability to do or feel something, especially to do something Creative. 

Synonyms: stimulate, motivate, encourage, influence, rouse, move, stir, energize, incite....

                              2. To Breathe in (air) inhale.

       Paradise:  Noun 1.  A place of extreme beauty, delight or Happiness


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Inspiring Island Art!!! An Interview with Jill Ami at the Blue Ginger Gallery on Da Big Island!!

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2016


This IS one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE places to visit when I am on the Big Island!!!  I am TOTALLY INSPIRED at the Blue Ginger Gallery!!  It certainly speaks to my soul!! 


  I was soooo excited to talk to  Jill  about her artistic inspirations and how the Blue Ginger Gallery came to be!!!!

  Upon entering, it feels more like an island country home… like you are visiting ohana (family), and not your typical art gallery!!  Beauty, whimsy, but mostly...

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Paradise Finds Me in the Middle of Los Angeles!!!

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2016

                                                              The Beginnings

   Paradise found its way to me at the young age of 6, deep in the heart of the city of Los Angeles. Within the stark walls of my elementary school, I learned my first Hula Dance, "The Hukilau", from my Hawaii loving 2nd grade teacher, Mr. Ishimaru. His Aloha for his students was my first experience of Ohana (family) from a teacher. He extended himself lovingly in the Old Hawaiian way! He was the only teacher in all of my school years who did! Little did I know, that his Aloha would be the first steps along my Inspire Paradise journey!!!  

( This photo is actually from 6th grade, our Hawaiian style graduation.  My Mama made me my first Mu'u Mu'u out of some retro bark cloth... I still have that cool dress!!!...

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