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I have always loved being in Nature. 

As a child, I would plant flowers and veggies in our backyard in the 

middle of the City of Los Angeles.

Our pets were a chicken, a rooster,

 many stray cats, turtles, frogs, hamsters. 

I would watch the ladybugs and butterflies, mate, lay eggs. They would grow up,

 cocoon themselves,


Then I'd go in the house to draw everything

I'd just experienced. 

One evening, my uncle loaned me his telescope

and I found Saturn!! It was so incredibly tiny,

but I FOUND it

All by myself!

When I saw Saturn's rings 

I was hooked

on the mysteries

of the Universe! 

Being a very sensitive and shy girl, 

I could immerse myself into nature and art...

it was my own little quiet

wonderland that soothed me. 

I felt at home there.


As I grew, I became more worldly.

I loved (LOVE) all kinds of music!

 The pursuit of a good job became THE focus.

To please my parents, I gave 2 conventional

office jobs my best college try

( One try was seriously way too much).

Although, I did temp office work at

movie/music studios.

Short lived, but fun! 

  I enjoyed the most unusual jobs~

renting out roller skates from the back of a hearse on Venice Beach boardwalk,

working the gift shop at the Griffith Observatory,

being an usher for Laserium,

catering wrap parties at movie studios

in French Maid costumes.. 

(Ahhh the 70's!!! )

More recently, I have been:

1. A Wedding Celebrant

(About 100 ceremonies!) 

2. Hula Dancer (26 years)

& instructor ( 10 years) 

 3. Floral Designer

(On and off for 15 years)

4. Costume Designer 

5. Mansion Manager

6. Made Little Moon Hawaiian clothes that I sold

down on the beach

( & other festivals) for 25 years.

7. Little Moon

Photographic Notecards

My photography career started on 

Catalina Island..  

8. Made and sold jewelry

at festivals. 

All these jobs  

came to me spontaneously.

I did not go to school

for any of them.

I learned on the fly! 

Being able to work out in nature

and interacting with people

suited me well. 

These jobs were a TON of Fun and kept

My Creativity 


But, for as long as I can remember,

my Heart always longed to be painting 

and creating art...

So it is time to honor

That Longing...

Thank you for your enthusiasm as I roll out my digital images, photographs, paintings and other goodies! 

Of course, it's all about

the Flowers, Birds, Peacocks,

 Tropical Everything,

Stars Moons Planets

 and OCEAN! 






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